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Saturday, July 02, 2011

An Unofficial Novel Critic : Tough Luck by Jason Starr

Okay ain baca tak habis lagi.
Tapi ada satu bahagian ni
ain nak tulis dekat blog.
 Sangat kejam,
sampai ain menangis
ain rasa novel pun patut dilabel
UMUM atau 18

Mickey remembered when he was 8 years old and he'd begged his father to buy him a pet cat. Finally, one afternoon after school, Sal Prada took Mickey to a pet store on Avenue N and Mickey picked out a Tabby.
Mickey named the kitten Spunky. Mickey played with Spunky all the time and he took good care of him. He always made sure there was fresh food and water in Spunky's dishes, and he changed his litter box two times a week.

But Spunky had a problem. He'd been taken away from his mother too soon and he only used his litter box once in a while. One night, when Sal was barefoot and on his way to the bathroom, he stepped on a piece of Spunky's shit. Sal started screaming at Mickey and the cat, and he told Mickey that if Spunky didn't learn how to use his litterbox they were going to rid of him.

bla bla bla let's cut to the chase
Spunky mengulangi perkara yang sama
dan ...

"That's it! Where is he? Where's that fuckin' animal?"

Sal lifted the screeching cat up by his tail.

"What the hell are you doing? What's wrong with you?" Mickey said.

"The fuckin' cat shit in my bed. I warned you, I fuckin' warned you! That's stupid animal's outta here . . . for good!" Sal said.

Sal carried Spunky by his tail and put him in a shopping bag, rolling up the bag so that the cat couldn't get out.

"Let him go! Let him go!" Mickey screamed.

Sal pushed past Mickey and left the apartment. Mickey chased the car halfway up the block then collapsed onto the street, crying hysterically. Sal returned home without Spunky. Sal went into his room and locked the door. Mickey banged the door all night, finally falling asleep in the hallway. The next day,

"All right! you wanna know where you're fuckin' cat is? I tossed him out the window on the Belt Parkway. Trust me, you'll never see that stinkin' animal again" Sal said.

Masya-Allah, kejam kann? ain harap dia dapat balasan.
Memang dapat balasan pun.
Sal kena penyakit Alzheimer's pastu mati kena langgar. 


myra yusreena said...

kejamm gilerrr!! :'(

tapi sian jugak dye last2 mati kne langgar..huhu..adehh

i am ain said...

he deserves it. hehe. cerita dalam novel ni rekaan sahaja :) no cats or human were harm during the making of this novel *pengarang yang cakap laa. hehe